Mission of the NEW R-290 HEAT PUMP PROJECT is to use great potential of HC R-290 (propane) refrigerant to reduce the environmental F-gases impact in high temperature air/water heat pumps .

Project Focus

Develop new evenly freezing types of heat exchangers and new refrigerant distributors including lubricant recovery, reduction of refrigerant charge, COP increasing, reduce compressor temperature, achieve low superheat, achieve quick defrosting periond, avoid lubricant foaming and expansion valve oscillation problems, achieve construction simpicity by elimination of condensing pan , condensing pan heaters 


-Complete technical documentation of reversible R-290 refrigerant  air-to-water heat pump(on-off) for heating  and domestic hot water use, with COP more than 4,0 (A2/W35)and heating capacity 12-18 kW,refrigerant charge  not more than 2,5 kg (due to PED and leak test regulations etc.)
-New PCT patented heat exchangers and refrigerant circut solutions for R-290 refrigerant